The next time someone suggests you go on an earthworm and gecko diet to cure your depression, just walk away. Or you might end up like this 21-year-old unnamed male patient infected with baby parasitic worms.

Below is an excerpt from the case report, published July 18 in the Journal of Medical Case Reports:
One year before presentation, suffering from work and love problems, our patient had begun to complain of fatigue accompanied by wordlessness, low mood, occasional vomiting and anorexia. Subsequently, he had been diagnosed with depression disorder and had received antidepression therapy in his native hospital several times, but to little effect.
According to the Improbable Research Blog, the patient had been infected after ingesting live earthworms and geckos at the behest of a "witch woman", who he visited because the antidepressants weren't working.

The witch had suggested that he try the peculiar diet for 10 days. Unfortunately, he also ended up ingesting the parasites that these critters ate. The trouble with these baby worms is that while they don't grow, they do travel through the persons' body (the liver, lungs, brain and eyes), leading to tissue damage and inflammation. And it's tough to diagnose these infections because the worms are so small.

The patient was eventually treated by doctors at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital in China, who gave him with anti-parasite medications.