Matthew Walzer, a 16 year old has a heartfelt letter to Nike's CEO, Mark Parker. It's quickly spreading across Twitter through the hashtag #NikeLetter and it involves Walzer who posted the letter on his blog Tuesday afternoon, to make Parker aware that there is a "great need" for supportive, easily fastened shoes for people who have cerebral palsy.

“I am always searching the web for any type of shoe brand that makes athletic shoes that provide good support, are self-lacing and are made for everyday wear or for playing sports,” Walzer writes. “I hope that…Nike will consider being the forerunner in producing athletic shoes that will make [a] difference in the quality of so many lives.”

Walzer was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth, and the doctors told his parents that he would never be able to walk but he did anyway, with the aid of crutches and his Nike basketball sneakers. The problem here is that Walzer has flexibility in only one of his hands, and because cerebral palsy stiffens the body's muscles, he needs someone else to tie his shoes for him.

The letter has rallied a lot of people who want to help. Matt Halfhill, of shoe blog Nice Kicks, wants to make sure that Parker sees Walzer’s letter. He said that for every retweet of this post with the video of Halfhill explaining the campaign, Nice Kicks will send an orange postcard to Parker with a link to Walzer's letter.

Will Walzer's letter reach Parker? And if so, what is the possibility of social media getting Nike to make that sort of shoe?