It's no secret that the Olympic Village is pretty much a giant orgy fest. Why else do you think they willingly hand out condoms to athletes? But just make sure you use the right brand, or you might risk the backlash from the Olympic "brand police."


This all started when Australia BMX biker Caroline Buchanan tweeted this picture showing a bucket of Australian Kangaroo condoms. Unfortunately, the authorities didn't think it was so funny and immediately decided to launch an exhaustive hunt for the "rogue condoms", comparing the tweet as an attempt at ambush marketing for a brand that isn't an official Olympic sponsor.

Durex has been the Olympics' official provider since the 1992 Barcelona games, when athletes exhausted the entire supply of 100,000 free condoms. For this year's games in London, 150,000 free condoms distributed were enough to provide each athlete the ability to have sex 15 times over the course of 3 weeks. And while the village itself operates under a loose moral code, that freedom gets screwed over when it comes to the tight branding restrictions imposed by the IOC.

via NPR