Newly single Johnny Depp might be in the midst of a mid-life crisis, but the guy is really living it up. Shortly after he ditched Amber Heard, he decided that the best way to celebrate his new bachelor status by smearing more eyeliner than usual before sharing the spotlight with none other than Aerosmith. Check out the actor performing on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in front of 18,000 people:

Apparently, this isn't the first time Depp's gigged with the band; back in May, he teamed up with both Aerosmith and Alice Cooper to perform a rendition of the Beatles' "Come Together" during sn after-party celebrating the premiere of "Dark Shadows."

And in June, Depp took to the stage at the MTV Movie Awards for two songs with The Black Keys. He also joined good friend Marilyn Manson at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in April, riffing his way through "Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams." How much longer do you think before Depp decides to quit Hollywood for good to start a solo album?

via The Wrap