Who knew that napping could actually turn you into a better worker? For those of you who've tried taking naps during your lunch break only to find yourself feeling groggy after waking, it might have something to do with how you time your naps. In this clip below, ASAP Science will explain how sleep cycles work, and how to make the most of your 'power naps' to boost cognitive function during the day.

As the clip demonstrates, the best naps are the ones that are usually around the half-hour mark during the first two phases of your sleep cycle: stage one, where you're probably "dozing," or feel relaxed but if someone woke you you probably wouldn't even notice you'd been asleep, and stage two, where your brain starts to consolidate memories, organize its biological bookshelves, and shuts the brain off from external, non-dangerous stimuli.

The one you want to avoid is stage three, which makes waking up more difficult and leaves you feeling groggy. This is why the key to getting all of the benefits of naps without the drawbacks is to sleep only for about a half-hour, or the time it takes your brain to go through the first two stages, but not enter the third.