Seen here is Russian artist named Petr Pavlensky, who has reportedly sewn his own mouth closed to show solidarity with jailed members of Russia's Pussy Riot.


In case you've been living under a rock, Pussy Riot is a Russian punk collective founded in September 2011 in the wake of Vladimir Putin's announcement that he would seek election for a third presidential term. Besides wearing colorful clothes and balaclavas, one particular group got arrested after staging a Situationist-style guerrilla performance in Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral. That's when things really went crazy.


The incident, which took place on February 21, involved five Pussy Rioteers heading to the church's altar to perform a mock "punk prayer" called "Our Lady, chase Putin out" which begged the Virgin Mary to chase Putin out of power. They lasted about 30 seconds before being removed by security guards. Two weeks after the prayer, three women in Pussy Riot were arrested and charged with hooliganism, which can carry a sentence of up to seven years.

Since then, many protests have been taking place in the country, which brings us to this guy below. Here's hoping that Putin comes to his senses before things start really getting out of hand: