A man reportedly died while watching the intense badminton match between Malaysian national player Lee Chong Wei and China's Lin Dan.


According to Malaysia's The Star, the man identified as Chung Kin Kiat, 56, had been eating a bowl of kolok mee while watching the match in a coffeeshop in Serian. He is said to have suddenly collapsed as Lin Dan was celebrating his victory after the hard-fought battle:
The booing in the crowded coffee shop when Lin Dan won turned to gasps of horror when they realised that one of the customers had fainted and died.

“The man (Chung) was having a bowl of kolo mee and teh-o. He was in the coffee shop before the match started. Immediately after Chong Wei lost, he slammed the table and fainted. We are shocked that he died,” said Muhamad Nurhishamsyor Abdullah Bong, 42, a worker at the coffee shop.
Pretty creepy, but at least he got to enjoy his last meal.