Hungary swimmer Daniel Gyurta is one of those Olympic heroes you soon won't forget. He was recently awarded the gold in the 200m breaststroke in London.


But if you're wondering why he seems a little bummed, that's only because his friend and competitor Alexander Dale Oen wasn't there to share the moment with him.

Dale Oen was a Norwegian swimmer who had won the 100m breaststroke less than one year ago at the world championships and was set to go for the gold in London.

Sadly, Dale Oen suffered a heart attack and died after a pre-Olympic training session in April 2012. It was later revealed that the 26-year-old had suffered from 'atherosclerotic coronary artery disease', which was odd since the condition that typically only effects the elderly or those with "sedentary lives."


As a tribute to Dale Oen, Gyurta decided he will make a duplicate of his gold medal made in his honor and send it to Dale Oen's family. "I’m sure that he would have won the 100 here in London," Gyurta said. "This is the least I can do to pay respect to my friend."

via Yahoo Sports