Eager to donate some cash in order to fund awesome scientific things? Then you might want to check out this 'DeepFlight Super Falcon' a new submarine designed to execute underwater maneuvers similar to aircraft flying stunts.

The makers of the DeepFlight Super Falcon hope to raise $45,000 through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to test the boundaries of submarine technology. They plan on launching it during a Lake Tahoe expedition this October. As of writing, they have 25 backs and have reached $2,665.

The team hopes the Kickstarter project can become the first public, crowd-funded underwater research expedition. That would also represent a first step toward “open-source” underwater exploration, in which the public decides everything from funding to selecting locations.

If you'd like a chance to ride as co-pilot, you can reserve one of the limited spots by donating either $5,000 (three available spots) or $10,000 (two available spots) on Kickstarter. Lesser donations such as $100 come with rewards such as an invitation to see the submersibles launch. There are other conditions for would be riders: you must weigh less than 220 pounds and have a height shorter than 6 feet 4 inches (and sign the inevitable waiver).

For more details on the project, check out the official Kickstarter page