Newsflash, Usain Bolt has just sealed his status as the world's fastest man (again) by scoring the 100m gold in the most keenly-anticipated event of the tournament. The 25-year-old sprinter crossed the line in a staggering 9.63 seconds!


So what exactly is the secret behind Bolt's amazing sprint? According to this clip below, it's basically a combination of three major factors:

  • Because he is taller than many of his competitors, his stride is longer than theirs. He averages 41 strides to their 44 strides.
  • But, because he is taller, he weighs more and needs more force. This force comes from weight lifting.
  • Third, he needs to precisely control his movements to have his legs and feet move in harmony and avoid any missteps. This relies on the connection between his brain and his leg muscles.