Whether you’re a smartphone owner or a basic cellphone user, both are plagued by the phenomenon known as 'dropped calls', a common term for a wireless mobile phone call that is terminated unexpectedly as a result of technical reasons.

According to a recently released survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 72% of cellphone owners said they experience dropped calls at least occasionally, while 32% of cellphone users say they experience this problem at least a few times a week or more.

Other common complains among users include spam texts and slow download speeds on mobile devices: 69% of cellphone users say they receive unwanted spam text messages, and more than three quarters cite slow Internet speeds as keeping them from getting the most out of their device. Below are some other interesting stats from the study:
  • 68% of cell owners receive unwanted sales or marketing calls at one time or another. And 25% of cell owners encounter this problem at least a few times a week or more frequently.
  • Of the 69% text message users who said they receive unwanted spam or text messages, 25% face problems with spam/unwanted texts at least weekly.
It would seem consumers are expecting better. “The big change that mobile connectivity has brought to users is the instant availability of people and data,” Jan Lauren Boyles, a Pew Internet and American Life Project researcher who authored this report, said in a statement. “

Obviously, such issues weren't such a big deal back when cellphones were used for basic stuff like making calls. But as mobile tech continues to advance, this raises the bar in terms of the users' expectations. Any problems that interrupt or prevent users for feeling connected is the very least a real hassle, and at most, a serious annoyance in this networked world.

via PC Mag