Malaysia has a pretty bad rep when it comes to pirated DVDs. While the authorities are doing their "best" to clamp down on this pirates walking around with their wares in the city, things are getting out of hand in other states.

According to this article in The Sun Daily, a shop in Penang's Pulau Tikus has been openly displaying and selling pornographic CDs and DVDs at a mall. The tip-off came from a disgusted parent, who alleges that the videos were apparently being sold openly to the public, including to youths in school uniform:
When our reporter, Edmund Lee, visited the shop, he found the CDs and their explicit covers on display. Each DVD was priced at RM10, while pornographic VCDs at RM5.

Shockingly, among the gaggle of customers vying for a piece of the action were secondary school students still in uniform. An attempt to strike up a conversation with the staff found them reluctant to talk. Closed-circuit television cameras had been placed to monitor movements of customers and the public within the premises.

Lee bought a CD as evidence and wrote a news report about the existence of such an illegal business operating so brazenly in public. However, despite this, we understand that the media publicity had not stopped the shop operator from continuing with the trade.
The article says that the shop had been raided by the authorities but were back to business a week after. And even after enforcement team from the Home Ministry raided the shopping complex for the pornographic and contraband materials, the daring operators swiftly bounced back into business.