Who knew that having the Olympics hosted in your hometown could have such a compelling effect? A 34-year-old Brit who was sudden struck with 'ocean mania' while on holiday in the southern French city of Biarritz reportedly decided it would be the perfect opportunity to attempt to swim across the Atlantic ocean!


According to AFP, the unnamed would-be-Olympian allegedly told his friends he wanted to swim all the way to New York to bring the Olympic spirit to America.  Obviously, his pals thought he was kidding and allowed him to pursue his endeavor, believing the declaration to be a joke. It quickly became apparent that the man was very serious when he jumped in the water and swam until he was out of sight.

Lifeguards rushed out to rescue the wayward swimmer. After knocking some sense into him, the man agreed to return to land (which was less than a quarter-mile offshore). Good thing too, because the journey would have required him to swim continuously for 3,600 miles.

Image via lonelyplanet