Take a good look Malaysians, because this will hopefully be the last time we ever see the likes of this disastrous design. According to reports, the government has since decided not to use it for this year's Merdeka Day celebrations, just one week after it was first unveiled to much public outcry.


The decision was announced by Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim on his official twitter handle @drraisyatim. In an attempt to downplay the public's reaction towards the design, he came up with this statement:
To quell some misunderstanding we only have 1Malaysia as logo for Merdeka and Hari Malaysia. There will be several promotional highlights until the big day.
In a later released statement, Rais clarified that the artwork used by some quarters was just an additional display material, and not the official logo.

However, the theme for this year's celebrations - "55 Tahun Merdeka Janji Ditepati" - is said to remain unchanged. The fact that is also happens to be the reigning political party's election slogan drew criticisms from various quarters who alleged that it was an attempt by the government to "hijack" the annual celebrations.

Not satisfied with the eventual outcome, local design company Empayar Kukubesi has since launched an online competition through Facebook, to come up with an alternative design for the logo which will be turned into t-shirts and sold through their partner Super Sunday.