Some people have the weirdest ways of stashing their cash for a rainy day, and one guy in Sydney had to learn the hard way on what happens when you don't tell your wife where it is.


Above is $15,000 worth of crispy Australian dollars that have been toasted inside an oven. According to ninemsn, the owner of the cash had earned it by selling his Toyota Supra and decided to hide the profits in the oven figuring it was safe since his wife seldom baked. 

His plan ultimately backfired when she decided to heat up some chicken nuggets for their kids, and all the plastic money promptly melted:
"It was everything I had. I've got nothing to my name. That money was supposed to go towards my mortgage."
When he attempted to convince the bank to replace the cash, but ended up getting turned away.
"I was quite insulted. I asked her to send it to the [Reserve Bank of Australia], I told her 'please it's all I got' but she didn't want to," he said.
Thankfully, the bank has since had a change of heart and issued an apology, saying it will do whatever it can "within the guidelines" to help recover as much money as possible.