Another sad tale involving the Aurora shooting is making waves on the internet. Seen here is Caleb posing with his wife Katie. The couple were among the audience when a gunman burst into the Aurora movie theater before firing at the audience.


Katie, who was heavily pregnant at that time, managed to escape the gunfire unhurt. But Caleb was among the 70 injured, and now suffers from brain damage and even lost his right eye. He remains under an induced coma in critical condition at University of Colorado Denver Hospital, though is reportedly showing signs of progress.

But little does Caleb know what awaits him once he comes to.

According to the CBS News, since the 23-year-old is uninsured, his medical expenses could surmount up to $2 million!  And just yesterday morning, his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Hugo Jackson Medley. And we all know how expensive it is to raise a kid these days.

To help him out, Caleb's friend Michael West decided to launch a website to help raise funds to cover his healthcare costs. Over $70,000 have been donated so far.