Jay-Z is in a new online ad spot for Duracell Powermat's line of wireless chargers. The ad shows the benefits of having a fully charged device throughout the course of a day in New York City.

Jay-Z became the spokesman for Duracell Powermat as well as an investor in the company in January. The device, is one of the various wireless charging technologies today, and it's one of the more robust ones in the market today.

Using the 24-Hour Power System, users can stay fully charged throughout the day, thanks to a kit that includes an iPhone case, a charging mat, and a portable charger. The spot, created by Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, showcases a day in the life of an average Duracell Powermat user.

There's a cameo by Jay-Z, right at the end, which features his club as well, the 40/40 as one of the first locations to have Powermat stations available throughout.

Who doesn't like to stay fully charged?