We all know of the dreaded MySpace photos, in which the subject holds a camera at a certain angle and makes their best duck face before uploading said pic on the web.  But now there's a gadget that lets you film yourself automatically  without having to ask for help.


Developed by three Texas-based engineers, the SOLOSHOT automatically shoots and follows subjects from a distance without the need for a camera operator. The base of the device pairs with an armband sensor worn on the subject being snapped.  Once synched, the base will automatically rotate to keep the camera continually pointed at the subject. The SOLOSHOT can rotate 360 degrees and will fit onto cameras with standard tripod mounts.

The team behind the SOLOSHOT claims it to be a perfect tool for a wide range of snap-happy customers, like athletes who need video of their performances, filmmakers looking to cut costs, or even parents who want to enjoy their kid’s little league game without having to hold up a camera for hours on end.

The designers of SOLOSHOT are looking to raise $50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund a production run. Retail price for the device is $479, but the first 100 to pledge $299 or more will receive a SOLOSHOT at a steep discount.