A professional resume can mean all the difference between getting hired and getting passed over. No matter how great your credentials are, nobody would want to see you if you submit something that looks like this:

Above is a fictitious "worst resume ever" created by Business Insider, which compiles some of the worst resume blunders as advised by career experts. For instance, did you know paper resumes are now considered passe? Doreen Collins, a manager for global staffing quality initiatives at GE, tells Penelope Patsuris at Forbes:
"I’ve seen resumes sent as TXT files and Word files, and when they are opened up on a different computer, they appear as a jumble of text and have no formatting whatsoever."

"Nobody wants to try and decipher a block of text that would’ve been a thousand times more legible if it had the proper formatting and spacing. Therefore, ALWAYS save your resume as a PDF. The only time you shouldn’t is if your employer requests a particular file format for your resume and cover letter.
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