You might not recognize his face, but Jonah Falcon is best known for being the proud owner of a rather large 'anatomy'.


As the current world record holder of the 'World's Largest Penis', Falcon's 13.5 inch member has earned him profile in Rolling Stone and an appearance in a HBO documentary.

But it's not all fun and fame when you're packing all that heat. According to the 41-year-old from New York, it can get you into a bit of trouble in terms of airport security.

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Falcon shared his experience of being frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport on July 9 because they were suspicious of the bulging package hidden in his pants.
"I had my 'stuff' strapped to the left. I wasn't erect at the time,"

"One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said, 'Yes.'"

Falcon said he knew that his interview was about to get a lot more personal when he was led through one of the X-ray body scanners and passed a metal detector.

"Another guard stopped me and asked me if I had some sort of growth," Falcon said, laughing.
In retrospect, Falcon was a little surprised to encounter such timidity at SF International. "You'd think the San Francisco TSA would have had experience with hung guys before, but I guess not."