Score one for the internet trolls, as hip hop artist Pitbull has confirmed that he will be heading to Kodiak, Alaska for a visit to the most remote Walmart in America:

The victory follows on a three-week trolling campaign organized by David "Arr" Thorpe and Jon "Fart" Hendren of Something Awful. But lest you think Pitbull will be chilling there alone, he extended an offer to Thorpe to join him on his expedition via the teaser above and this tweet below:
"guess whos invited 2 the @Walmart in kodiak w/ me!!! bring ur @Sheets... its a loonggggg flight ;) @Arr daleeeee!!!"
In response to the invite, Thorpe replied: "Good news: I'll definitely go to Alaska with @Pitbull," "Bad news: I've been trying to grow a beard in preparation and it's NOT going well."

As for Hendren, he replied he'd go "only if i can chill out on my phone in the background during it."