Fans of the "Resident Evil" franchise can now indulge in the limited-time "Resident Evil" restaurant that has opened up in Shibuya, Japan (a place where both spelling and common sense doesn't exist).

The idea behind the "Biohazard Cafe & Grill" was to promote Capcom's "Resident Evil 6" game, which will be out in October 2nd. The joint features "Resident Evil"  themed food (i.e. brains, body parts), exclusive memorabilia, a life-sized monument of Tyrant–biologically engineered super-soldiers and waitresses dressed up as your favourite butt-kicking characters from the video game.

You'll also get to watch the waitresses duke it out with a life-sized Tyrant statue. Using 3D mapping technology, the statue will "come to life" which will then trigger the restaurant staff to shoot him down. So if you're thinking about heading out for a nice, quiet (and zombie-free) meal, you might want to skip on this one.

via Inquisitr