Nike's going big on the Olympics this time around, though its no surprise that any sports brand wouldn't do the same. Olympian medalists of Bronze, silver and gold that take the podium this year will be wearing Nike’s 21st C. Windrunner V, a jacket made in conjunction with artist Marcus Gaab.

It looks like just any other athletic apparel at first, but it actually changes as soon as the first photographer takes a shot of it. Check it out in the video:

The Windrunner V is based on Nike's Vapor Flash jacket, and has been constructed to create 360 degrees of reflection. It's polyester is coated in a laminate face that can amplify ambient light by 400% across its entire surface.

Aside from sportsmen taking the podium and wearing them, this could be very good for joggers at night. But for London’s medal winners, it means that those wearing Nike apparel (including the United States, Brazil, Kenya, and Estonia) will literally glow brighter than their competitors.

A very clever way of stealing the limelight, we'd like to add. Check out a couple more pics below: