It seems you can find almost anything on eBay. A 66 year old Bob Russell found his Austin Healey on eBay, 42 years after it went missing. The vehicle above isn't the said car.

Russell, of Southlake, Tex., never stopped looking for his cream Austin Healey 3000 after it disappeared from his Philadelphia neighborhood in 1967, according to the original Associated Press report. Russell was a student at Temple University at that time.

Russell found his car in an online car ad, recognizing the vehicle's identification number on the eBay listing. He called the auctioneer, a Los Angeles-based Beverly Hills Car Club, that stopped the bid. The last incoming bid for the car was $19,700. Russell paid $3,000 for it in 1967.

“I hate to sound indelicate,” Russell told the unsuspecting dealer, “but you’re selling a stolen car,” according to AP. He had the car’s identification number, original key and car title to prove it.

“We are all very happy that Mr. Russell has gotten his car back,” wrote Versa Manos, a Beverly Hills Car Club spokesperson. “However, we are victims in this situation. We have lost $27,000, which is what we paid for the car, plus the cost to ship it to California.”

[image via den99]