China's not the only Asian country that has to deal with counterfeits. According to Malaysia's The Star, authorities have had to remove fake fish oil from the shelves of local health stores.


The issue deals with the brand Pristin, which is marketed by Swedish company Holista Colltech Ltd. It was only after the matter was publicized that CEO Datuk Dr Rajen M. released a statement saying that they were working closely with the commercial crime division of the police and the enforcement division of the Health Ministry to ensure that all fake Pristin products were confiscated:
"We will take legal recourse against the offenders. Malaysian consumers should know about the fake fish oil supplement and how to spot the difference between the original Pristin Toxin-Free Fish Oil and counterfeits.

"We believe the fake ones are being sold at medical halls. We have notified pharmacies nationwide via emails, post and text messages,"
We don't even want to know what they had to do in order to mimic these capsules. So if you have a bottle of these at home with the packaging on, you can check if they're genuine based on the Meditag hologram serial number which starts with the number 05 or 06. The fake Pristin fish oil packs that have been confiscated include Meditag holograms which start with the letter "A", followed by a series of numerals, and had a spelling error in the word "Answer" on the side.