Doesn’t it just annoy you when you’re in the middle of reading a web page or e-book when your screen display goes dim or turns off because it’s set to turn off after a few seconds or minutes of inactivity? You’d end up poking the screen or set it for a longer timeout, then set it back so it doesn’t stay on when your phone is idle.

The Samsung GALAXY S III figured out the solution to this problem through the creation of Smart Stay. The feature allows the screen to be active as long as you’re looking at it, and it only turns off when it detects you’re no longer looking at it. Smart Stay uses the phone’s front-facing camera to determine whether you’re looking at it, but if you still prefer regular phone timeouts then you can leave it be. Otherwise, go to Settings, select Display and click on the checkbox next to Smart Stay.

The feature makes it convenient so that you don’t have to mess about with the settings all the time when you’re reading and when you’re simply browsing.