Great news kiddies! When it comes to doing chores around the house, fathers will stoop to pretty much everything, even if it means forcing themselves to watch you come in last during your school's sports day.


This comes from new study from the Social Sciences division at UCLA called "Fatherhood and Youth Sports: a Balancing Act between Care and Expectations", which explains that the pressure to get involved in their kids' lives leads many dads to volunteer.

Though men often take on the sporting responsibilities in a household, researchers found that this involvement did little to lighten the load when it comes to traditional gender divisions for day-to-day housework.

And while most fathers are gently nurturing their kids' athletic travails, women are still stuck doing the "lion's share" of more quotidian childcare and household chores. Study author Dr. Tamar Kremer-Sadlik explained this trade-off in child-rearing responsibilities as,
"Women may be unhappy about this inequality," he said, "but at the same time they value the fact that their partners are involved with the kids — even if it is mostly manifested on the soccer field."
He added that some fathers even use sporting events as an excuse to get out of doing housework:
"The fathers we studied," said Kremer-Sadlik, "are finding ways to create a new ideal of fatherhood, but they are not creating a new ideal with their partners."
So what's there to learn from all this? Although spending time bonding with your offspring is important, just don't forget to support the spouse that helped made that kid in the first place.

via Science Daily