The reason why nobody likes to admit that "they suck" is that it makes them weak, plus it's easier to blame someone or something else for their own shortcomings: No savings? Blame the economy. Feeling sick? Can't afford the gym. No love life? Because nobody understand you. And the list of excuses goes on and on...


The thing about all this finger pointing is that it really isn't going to help you get out of your crappy situation. Take for instance the one about blaming your money woes on the current bad economy.

According to Mr. Money Moustache, while it's easy to say that "a bad economy" is keeping us from saving money, the reality isn't to wait for the economy to get better or find a new job, but to realize that we need to get better at managing our money or our time, and work from there. Basically, it's about taking control of the things you can control for yourself in order to take a step towards finding a solution.

Another thing he points out is that you need to be open to ideas and experience from people that can help you with the things you suck at. This part can really be a problem for some people who rather insist to play the helpless victim. The fact of the matter is that you'll never make headway on the things that trouble you if you insist that it's someone else's fault and aren't open to new ideas on how you can fix them. If this sounds a lot like you, it might be time to put your ego aside instead of letting it sabotage your life.

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