As much as we'd like to imagine a world without males, it would still suck because life is all about variety isn't it? An article on Slate details on why men's XY chromosomal structure is making their DNA crappier with each generation unless science does something about it.


Basically, certain palindromic DNA strands like CTAGCTAG and GATCGATC are constantly getting mixed up which makes it difficult for the DNA to replicate. To avoid this kind of cell death, some DNA strands are "crossing over," to mingle with their neighboring chromosome.

Unfortunately, only XX females can mend all their chromosomes this way, which is why some experts believe that the male population is pretty much doomed:
"...crossing over can't eliminate any bum Y-chromosome DNA because the Y in XY males lacks a partner to trade with: If any mutations pop up, they're stuck there. (The X in XY males also lacks a trading partner, of course, but only temporarily. Male Xs can still cross over in a future generation inside any XX female descendants. Ys never get that chance.) So whenever malignant DNA arose on Y in the past, cells essentially chopped that DNA out and threw it away. This in turn whittled Y down generation by generation. Once a proud chromosome, home to 1400 genes, Y has been reduced to a stub, with just two dozen or so genes today. And some biologists have predicted that Ys will keep getting chopped down and eventually disappear-perhaps making males disappear with them, since the Y houses the DNA needed to make male gonads."
These mistakes rarely kill a man, but can render his sperm impotent. Overall the Y chromosome might well disappear if it couldn’t correct mutations in this way.
Some reports claim that this report might just be an exaggeration and we're all worrying over nothing.