Most people probably cannot comprehend what this Florida teen went through, but he seems pretty chill despite losing his forearm to an ornery alligator.


Kaleb Langdale was swimming in the Caloosahatchee River with friends when he was allegedly attacked by an 11-foot gator. What this 17-year-old kid did next is pretty incredible:
"He grabbed the gator underneath his bottom jaw, on that skin, and had pretty good control until the tail came around and slapped him in the back," Langdale's aunt LaDawn Hayes told ABC News. "At that point, his hand broke loose from the gator's jaw."

Hayes said Langdale had to make a snap decision: "It's either my life or my arm, and the arm was just kind of out there."
After a struggle, Langdale managed to break loose and swim toward the riverbank to alert his friends. He stopped the bleeding by covering his wound with cobwebs and applying pressure with his legs.

While he was being rushed to the hospital, wildlife officials hunted down the gator that took his right arm. While they eventually did locate and kill it, the arm that was still inside was too far gone to reattach.

But Langdale is in good spirits. Despite the loss of a limb, he told ABC News that he was "glad it chose me" and not one of his friends, concerned they would not have made it out of a similar situation alive. We're betting he's going to have plenty of stories to tell once summer break is over.