South Korea’s CJ Group is set to launch the 4DX system which will bring more than 1,000 new sensations to US movie goers.


The CJ Group hopes to outfit 200 theaters in North America with 4DX technology over the next four years, starting with theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

So what can movie goers look forward to? Firstly, there's the hidden nozzles that release scents based on certain scenes. The seats in the theater will also jiggle around to let you feel every bump. Large fans positioned around the theater will activate so you can feel like you’re caught in a windstorm, and massive lights located around the theater can be used to create huge flashes like you might see in a lightening storm. Sounds like a lot of work, which probably explains why programming the 4D experience for a film can take close to a month.

Obviously, such experiences won't come cheap so prepare to spend an additional $8 for a 3D ticket. You're probably better off streaming it from your tablet while riding a rollercoaster at the theme park.

via Wired