20 year old Anthony Harrison shared his battle with cancer on YouTube, and his wish to meet his idol, Katy Perry before he dies. He explains in his videos that after an ineffective bone marrow transplant, the doctors told him that there's not much they can do any more and gave him a couple of months to live.

Harrison created a YouTube bucket list that includes activities such as skydiving, taking a helicopter ride and riding in a hot air balloon. And meeting Katy Perry.

Harrison, a musician himself, is a fan of Katy and says that she seems like “a great person overall.”

The singer’s fanbase, the “Katy Kats” have latched on to the video and used Twitter and Tumblr to send the message to Katy herself.


The Katy Perry dedicated tumblr, iheartkatyperry, posted the video.

Reddit user OliverBoj also posted the video to Reddit with the comment “If he’s real, he’ll appreciate the support. If he’s fake, we’ll leave that to 4Chan” — in reference to questions over the video’s authenticity. OliverBoj also posted these photos from Harrison’s Facebook in an effort to substantiate Harrison’s story.

Katy Cats and supporters of Harrison are tweeting #KatyMeetAnthony in an attempt to catch the singer’s attention.