Meet Emile Leray, a French electrician who survived was driving through the Moroccan desert in 1993 when his Citroën car suddenly broke down.

Stranded with little food and far out of walking distance of civilization, Leray decided there and then that he wasn't going to die. He proceeded to disassemble his trashed car before reassembling the parts into a fully functional motorcycle (as for the thong pic, we doubt looking good for the cameras was any of his concern at that time).

Leray's survival mode managed to pay off big-time. Nearly 12 days later, he successfully rode his new motorcycle back to civilization by journeyjng over 20 miles (which would have seemed longer on foot given the scorching north African desert heat). Despite making his journey 19 years ago, he has only recently begun telling his story to the press:

    “I put myself in what one calls survival mode. I could not have gone back on foot – it was too far.”

via Daily Mail