Here's one mug we'd all like to have. What if you had no electricity and needed a hot cup of coffee? Or, when your beverage gets cold, how do you heat it up again without going to the kitchen to warm it up on the stove?

This cup here, by designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi called the Burning Cup will keep your coffee or whatever beverage you have inside warm from the first to last sip all without using any electricity.

The mug contains a solution of sodium acetate which is solid in form when cold and liquid when heated. The hot beverage heats up the chemical compound, and as it cools down, users can press the two buttons on the mug to heat it up again via the sodium compound.

Sodium acetate is salt made up of acetic acid and natrium. The solution is currently used in household heat packs to treat temporary pains and aches.



It Works Like a Hot Pack

The Burning Cup can be used instead of using your microwave, which will use electricity and make the coffee cup hot. The Burning Cup's technology is similar to that of a hot pack that's often used for injuries.


This heat allows the temperature of the beverage in the cup to be kept for a period of time consistently. Making sure that every sip is warm.


The heat contained in the beverage is delivered again to the outside sodium acetate, and makes the solid into liquid.