There are some skills in life where everyone needs to have. And if you don't, well, just look to the internet to acquire some. YouTube has a lot of fine detailed visual instructions for completing tasks and solving problems and can be useful for visual learners that find tasks to hard to lean without seeing to understand them.

Here are some great life skills, from changing a car tyre, to CPR and doing pushups. Hit the jump for the list!

How to Tie a Tie

Every man needs to know how to tie a tie. It's essential. And if you don't, don't despair. Here's an instructional video showing you how. Remember, practice makes perfect.

How to Set a Table

Nothing turns a lady on more than knowing table etiquette. Where do you sit at the table, and how do you arrange the dishes and silverware? The video below not only shows you when to use each piece, but shows you how to set up a table for a formal dinner party.

How To Change a Flat Tire

There will come a time in one's life when you're in a situation where changing a tyre is necessary, and you're stuck somewhere far away from help. Assuming you have a spare tyre in the boot, you can do this on your own without any roadside assistance.

How To Build a Campfire

Do you actually know how to build a campfire? There's some basic fire starting knowledge that needs to be consumed here first. Check out this video, and the next time you're at camp, you can impress them.

How to Drive a Car With Manual Transmission

It may soon be a thing of the past, but manual transmission always rocks. Once you get a feel of it, it's hard to ever let go. Driving a stick is difficult, and most people forget right after they're done taking their driving exams. You'll never know when this skill will come in handy.

How to Perform CPR on Adults

Hopefully, you're never in a situation where you'll have to perform this, but it doesn't hurt to know how to actually do it in the case of saving some one else's life. This video is from the British Red Cross and it shows you the basics you need to know in case someone in your vicinity needs CPR.

But thread carefully. As doing it the wrong way may result differently than you want things to go. It's always best to get a CPR certified professional to teach you how to do this.

How to Sew a Button

So you took a button off. And you really need that button back. There's a reason why clothing retailers include extra buttons in your clothes. Because, you'll never know when you need them. The next thing you need to know, is how to sew it back on.

How to Do a Proper Push-Up

Do it like a man. Like every form of exercise, doing something the wrong way could possibly result in injuring yourself. And you don't want to show up at a party with a sprained whatever only to reveal that you injured yourself because you did a push up the wrong way.

For a proper push-up, the hands should be below the shoulders.

How to Remove Ink Stains From Fabric

It happens to the best of us. While we never want to be in this situation, sometimes, shit happens. And if you do find yourself in this precarious situation, save time and money by learning the trick of getting these stains out from fabric in the video below:

How to Cook Pasta

You'll need to know your way around the kitchen, someday. So why not start today? The most basic meal, pasta and rice. They're both incredibly easy to cook. Check out the video below: