Online dating is not new, and with the world being more connected now than ever there's a call for services like that to find one's soulmate. Chances are, they are on a social network, and a new service called TheDatable seeks to make love connections using Facebook's global network of more than 901 million users. If you're single, your chance of love is definitely not low here.

TheDatable urges users to round up eligible Facebook friends for a new social dating experiment. All you have to do is tag your "datable" friends for others to connect with. Which means,  you can be a part time matchmaker on the website too. Braver people can message the site's single people if they choose to do so.

“Most of your friends are already on Facebook, so by using Facebook Connect it’s simple and quick to tag the ones you think are datable,” co-founder and CTO Michael Brotzman says. “All you have to do is click.”

The service lets Facebook users connect with friends of friends and their single friends and it starts by building a network of single ladies and bachelors.

Labeling someone as “datable” sends an invite to their Facebook inbox. Datable users are essentially inviting these singles to join the network.

But with only 4% of marriages occur after couples meet on dating websites, getting a recommendation from a friend creates a more trustworthy environment to use the platform.

“Over 90% of couples still meet offline through their extended circle of friends and connections,” Brotzman says. “That’s still how most dating happens. Connecting through friends of friends online helps bring this process online. We think that’s much more effective than emailing strangers on regular dating sites.”

While The Datable shouldn't be mistaken for the love solution in your love-less life, it just makes dating easy and adds a "viral dynamic" to it. The more friends you have on The Datable, the more singles you'll have a chance to meet.

All notifications are private. There are no Facebook wall prompts and users also have full control over who sees your lists.

TheDatable team believes adding a social layer to online dating and matching individuals with non-strangers is the future and creates the missing element from other dating sites.

“Social will redefine the dating space in the same way it’s redefining every other market,” Brotzman says. “There’s no winner yet in the social dating space. It’s a wide open field. There are lots of dating sites, but they are not leveraging social. Social is the key differentiator.”

Would you recommend a friend to The Datable? Or if you're single, would you try it out?