The iPhone 4S is many things, but when it comes to battery life, it pretty much sucks (literally). In order to avoid your phone going dead at the most at inopportune of moments, here's a few tips on how to help you take charge of your battery life:

Lower your screen brightness
Screen brightness can make all the difference in any gadget's battery life. So unless you live underground or in a cave somewhere, just head to Settings, Brightness to adjust.

Use WiFi where you can

Using a WiFi hotspot or use your home’s WiFi network instead of your cellular or 3G connection will not only keep your data charges down, it will also significantly improve battery life since your phone won’t be searching for a data signal. And even when you are in an area with absolutely no WiFi, switching it off still helps to preserve the phone's battery life.

Block GPS tracking in app

Certain apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter include automatic GPS location and tagging to track your location. That also means your phone is working overtime to constantly update your location. If you don’t really need to geotag your posts and updates, then just turn GPS off.

Turn off your iPhone’s “Fetch” and “Push”

Setting your iPhone to “fetch” data or having a ton of apps set to push new messages and alerts might be great for keeping up with news and messages. But it's definitely the opposite in terms of data and battery life. To turn your “fetch” functions off on your iPhone, just go to Settings, Mail, Contacts and Calendars, Fetch New Data, Manually. You can also turn off your email and calendar “push” from this screen. To turn off app “push” notifications, head to Settings, Notifications, then switch to off.

Keep Notifications In Check

Limiting your app notifications to only the apps you actually need will significantly improve battery standby time. So always choose “no” to requests for notifications from games and other apps that request the feature unless the alerts are actually important. You can also take control by tweaking the Notifications section of the Settings app.