Do not be afraid of this $34,000 gold skull statue, because chances are it'll serve as proof that you're a best friend, close friend or casual acquaintance of Kanye West.

News of this creepy gift-giving started a few weeks ago on Father's Day, when Complex Magazine reported that Kanye West gave one to Jay-Z (who is probably not his father, but whatever). Apparently, this one came with 1,680 star-cut red topaz gemstones set around the crown of the head. A source told the mag that Kanye was so anxious over the unreliability of standard courier services that he chartered a private jet to pick-up and hand deliver the gift to Jay.

The second person to receive the trophy was none other than his current beau, Kim Kardashian. According to, the gold statue that West gave her was set with white sapphires. He reportedly even had it engraved with the letters "KKW" (for "Kim Kardashian West") on the rear. How thoughtful.

But for the rest of us who aren't close enough to Kanye, you can still get your hands on a $34,000 gold skull statue by buying one directly from the source. Or maybe just wait for Jay-Z to sell it off anonymously on e-bay.