Hard to believe there was a time when video games fans didn't care as much about how realistic the graphics were so long as the game is super fun. And now, one kickstarter project started by Exploding Rabbit is looking to revive these classic games.


Introducing Retro Squad, a 2D platformer that pays tribute to retro game characters like the Super Mario Bros. The designers promise that the graphics will be a throw back to the classic days of simple, inspired design. It will also introduces fresh new environments and settings across 40 levels and eight worlds.

And by the looks of it, thee are plenty of fans willing to pay for this to happen. The Kickstarter campaign for the game has already topped its goal by $15,000 despite having more than two weeks to go. In response to the hype, the developers have promised to include  bonus features like leader boards and multiple languages for every extra $10,000 raised.