And one unnammed 12-year-old had to learn this the hard way after sustaining second-degree burns on his back in the shape of a cross. Warning: Picture is VERY graphic.


According to the Daily Mail, the incident was the result of a dangerous new teen fad that's making its rounds across YouTube and social networking sites called the "salt and ice challenge", which involves pressing salt and ice against their skin for as long as they can tolerate the burning pain (similar to frostbite). And kids being kids, the fact that others are doing it makes them think it's a good idea to do it too.

As for the latest victim, he reportedly earned the scar after his brother laid him down and poured salt on his back before placing an ice patch of top.  Sources report that the kid will need several months to recover from his wounds and severe blistering. His family has also released a statement warning other students and their parents of the game's dangers:
“We want teenagers and the general public to know that the 'salt and ice challenge' is extremely dangerous. Videos on You Tube, Facebook and other social media do not accurately show the terrible injuries that can result. We are grateful that our son is recovering and hope that sharing his story will stop other young people from attempting this stunt."