Thanks to the internet, society is plagued by all sorts of weird syndromes that have never been heard of until now. And the worse thing about this particular syndrome is that it only happens when you're watching online porn.


According to ABC News, an unnamed 24-year-old is claiming that his porn sessions are often accompanied by "severe, exploding" headaches that reach their climax about 10 minutes in. It's apparently gotten so bad that he has to resort to over-the-counter pain medication to got with his X-rated needs.

And before you think it's all in his head, researchers have apparently confirmed the link and are still trying to find out what is causing the headaches. Dawn Buse, associate professor of neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of behavioral medicine at the Montefiore Headache Center, explains what makes this case unique:
This guy is interesting because he's just watching porn and not actually having sex. But he probably still gets aroused and excited, which may be even worse than having sex because there's no release.