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If you need any more proof that The Foo Fighters are the best rock band in the entire planet, then here's a video proving they actually are! Dave Grohl posted a video telling fans that he's seen the video, and they're coming.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 01, 2015 19:50
Are engagement videos all candid or have they been carefully edited to bring out the super romance element in it? Here's a hilarious short, imagining just what goes on to make one of those 'engagement videos' we've all seen before. Maybe, just maybe, there's some truth in this!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 01, 2015 19:50
From will it blend to will it survive a bullet, people have been pitting the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones against each other for as long as they have been out. Now, some dude takes it a step further. He sets the two on fire to find out which one of them will survive.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 01, 2015 19:50
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