Descending staircases (or railings) on a skateboard is an extreme sport. But Royal College of Art graduate Po-Chih Lai has designed a skateboard that can cruise down stairs with ease.

The Stair Rover is an 8-wheeled contraption that rocks an aluminum Y-frame to transform stairs into a passive-propelling landscape.

“My idea is basically the same as surfers,” Lai tells Co.Design. “They look for the hidden energy of nature, which is waves. Mine is looking for the hidden energy around us. Interestingly what I found is stairs, there are plenty of stairs hidden around our playground and habitat--the city.”

Not all skateboarders will take to the idea, judging by the fact that a set of stairs ARE indeed the perfect setup for grinding on its railings. But then again the Stair Rover could work for those who would use skateboards as a mode of transportation rather than a sports tool.