Here's a computer case, that can either be beautiful, or just ugly. Depends on your preference, but we kind of like it. The GreatWhite SHK979C chassis looks like an open concept, and is designed that way.

Your motherboard and other components are all suspended between two panes of "aircraft grade aluminum," with plenty of room for a watercooling setup to keep it all humming. Exposing it to the air keeps everything from turning into a really hot place, as it often does when there's a lot of heavy processing going on.

And to combat dust, since, you know, we keep it closed because we don't want those suckers to get in. Matthew Kim explains:
I's totally open except for some vital areas like the motherboard, which sits behind a cowling. No problems with dust, since it's so easy to clean. Just a few squirts of air every week or so it all that it needs. It also helps that all the components are vertically mounted, so there's actually not that much surface area for dust to collect.