Not only is the “Kids React To” YouTube series such a popular hit, it also helped The Fine Brothers score big. They recently won the Emmy for best viral video series over the weekend.


Fans of “Kids React To” can't get enough of the kids featured in the clips, who express how they feel while watching funny trending videos or clips of serious topics. The series is close to surpassing 300 million views and boasts nearly 1.4 million subscribers:

So what's next for this creative duo? According to Benny & Rafi, they're looking to reach a much wider audience. They also want to turn “Kids React To” into a global brand, with kids outside of the U.S. also weighing in on viral videos and international issues. Here's what they told Mashable:
We’d love for a TV version to bring people of all ages together to watch a show that is meaningful and will get people talking and embracing having opinions and communication with one another, which we feel is important in entertainment today,” Rafi said Wednesday.

“Kids are smarter than everyone gives them credit for.”