Other than gang fights and planning your escape, there's not a lot of healthy activities for inmates. But authorities in Brazil have introduced a new rehabilitation initiative which might free up prison space while simultaneously promote literacy.


According to the Telegraph, four federal prisons in Brazil are currently set on testing out this "Redemption through Reading" campaign, that will allow inmate to shave up to 48 days per year off their sentence in exchange for reading books. The organizers believe that by encouraging reading, the prisoners are more likely to make something out of themselves once they're sent back to out.

For every book they read, the get to strike off at least four days from their sentence. Inmates will only be allowed to read up to 12 books a year. And the best part is that they must prove they've read the books by submitting book reports that "make correct use of paragraphs, be free of corrections, use margins and legible joined-up writing." So basically it's just like school, only with bigger bullies and shorter breaks.