Looks like you can judge a man based on how much he loves his muscly self. According to a new study published in the Journal of Men and Masculinity, men who are obsessed with muscle building are more likely to objectify women and have sexist attitude towards them.


For the study, researchers at University of Westminster surveyed a group of 327 British men were polled regarding their opinons about their own bodies and their feeling about women.  Males who were more interested getting cut and shredded were more likely to agree with sexist statements like "I feel that many times women flirt with men just to tease them or hurt them," and "Intoxication among women is worse than intoxication among men." Prof. Viren Swarmi, who led the research, explains the findings as such:
"We have previously found that men who hold stronger oppressive beliefs are more likely to think that thinner women are attractive ,"

"we're also arguing that those oppressive beliefs directed at women also have an impact on men's own body images, specifically their drive for muscularity"
The findings suggests that these muscleheads might simply be channeling all their negative self-esteem toward women, which also explains why they're so hell bent on getting pumped up. .

via NY Daily News