If you're one of those people who have a painstaking 50 followers and wonder why people like Snooki have 5 million followers for being trashy, here's your chance to square up to celebritidom.

New social media experiment called @1MillionRicher will turn over its Twitter account to a random follower once it hits 1 million followers. When it published the news, it had around 1,000 followers even though it started tweeting a few days ago.

The Twitterich website was created by Virginia-based advertising agency. It claims that while its reward may not be as grand as collecting a million dollars, it's definitely worth soemthing.

The site jests “Who likes paying taxes anyway? It’s not for money, it’s not a scam, and you won’t get spammed.”

In the mean time, while @1MillionRicher waits for the account to hit a million followers, it encourages you to share the website in order to increase the speed of gaining followers.

We're not sure what the winner will do with the 1 million followers, but in the contest fine print, the winner “agrees not to exploit followers for commercial purposes," which is weird because once the winner changes their password, the ad firm can't do much about it other than to hope that some of the million followers unfollow the winner.

AdWeek called it a “laughably unenforceable restriction.”