Singapore's mega church City Harvest Church founder, Kong Hee has been arrested and is due to be charged with conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust, according to the Straits Times.

But why arrest a church founder, you might ask. That's because Kong Hee has been accused of using SGD $23 Million (USD $18 million) in church funds to launch his wife's Mandarin pop career.

Ho Yeow Sun (Sun Ho) has had a good music career run since 2002, and has released a number of multi platinum albums, and even appearing at Grammys. She's even done a collaboration with Wyclef Jean.

City Harvest Church had over 20,000 people attending its services in 2010. So, just imagine the amount of funds it has. How does Sun Ho sound like? We've got a couple of videos you can check out below:

Sun Ho's song with Wyclef Jean: