Who knew that the combination of food and cleavage would do so well in this flagging economy. According to Technomic, these 'breastaurants' are are in the midst of a renaissance. While Hooters might still be the most prolific breastaurant, the top three chains behind them - Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, Mugs N Jugs - reportedly saw in increase in profits by at least 30% in 2011.

But beware about using the term too freely, as the proprietors insist that boobs are not why business is booming. Tilted Kilt's CEO Rod Lynch is adamant that the success of his restaurant chain isn't "based purely on sex appeal", and says that their signature dish Irish Nachos is what's bringing in all the customers. And they're not just attracting creeps who like their chicken wings served with a side-order of double-Ds; Mugs N Jugs claims that at least half of the customers who show up at their busty establishment are families.

As for Hooters, the last time they peaked in sales ($960 million) was in 2007. The reason why they're stagnant is that they've failed to update the menu or restaurant design, and are solely just depending on their namesake to keep business going.